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Dial-around long Distance Service for Domestic & International Long Distance Callings


You can register your home, office or cellular, mobile numbers for this service. We will also provide you with a FREE calling card so you can call from any location and enjoy savings. This service is for you to call from U.S. or Canada to the world. If you are in a country other than US or Canada and you want a cheap way to call internationally, please use our callback service.

Check our rates (newly reduced international rates)!  

5.4 cents per minute anywhere in the US, Canada and from US to Canada, any time, any day. 
Great international rates on your residential, office fixed and mobile phone.

No worry about long distance carrier

Our dial-around represents great saving in long distance charges for US and Canadian customers. With this service there is absolutely no need to change your current long distance provider or your mobile phone service provider.

Our Dial-Around service allows customers to dial a toll-free number before entering the destination number for long-distance calling. Our system will detect the userís caller ID and identify the client without the need to enter an authorization PIN.

Perfect for mobile phone (also called cellular or cell phone) long distance

Dial-around is especially convenient for fixed-line (landline) customers and cellular mobile users who wish to bypass their primary long-distance provider and take advantage of discounted calling rates. If you don't have a long distance carrier, you can also use dial-around to dial long distance. If you are a mobile phone user in the U.S. or Canada, forget restrictions or the high international rates you've been paying your current mobile service provider to call overseas. We help you makes saving up to 85% on calls to over 180 countries on your mobile phone so easy.

Work as a calling card as well

Need a calling card? Some people call it a phone card or travel card. Our dial-around service also works as a calling card. Yes, bring dial-around service with you so you'll use on the Road! - You can take it with you and use it from cell phone or any other phone, including a pay-phone or hotel phone. When dialing the toll free access number we provide you, the system will prompt you to enter your PIN code. Using this method, you can make calls from anywhere in US or Canada to anywhere in the world.

How To Use Dial-around? Just 2 simple steps.

Step 1 Dial a toll-free number provided by NACI and wait for a dial tone. No PIN to enter. 
  If calling from a phone number other than your registered number, e.g. calling from a pay phone or hotel phone, the system will prompt you to enter your PIN code. Otherwise, no PIN needed. 
Step 2 On hearing the dial tone "Dooo...", dial your destination phone number followed by #.

-  for calls within US and Canada, dial 1 + area code + number;
-  for international calls dial country code + number

          That's it!

Again, you can register your home, office or cellular numbers for this service. We will also provide you with a calling card PIN code so you can call from any location, including hotels and payphones.

Flat rate domestic and low international rates

5.4 cents per minute anywhere in the US, any time, any day. It is also 5.4 cents/min to call from US to anywhere in Canada. Great international rates, e.g. UK 5.4 cents, Germany 5.9 cents, China 5.4 cents, Moscow 5.4 cents. Are they surprisingly low? Please refer to our rates table.

Fast activation and powerful call management tools

- No setup fee, only a $4 monthly fee that is waived if billing is over $20.

- Instant activation. Start enjoying savings in just a few hours after placing your service order.
- FREE calling card to use when traveling.

The following service features are what regular long distance carriers or 10-10 service cannot offer you. Access our client Online Management System, an online management service that will allow you to:

- View your current invoice
- Change your billing profile
- Add new services instantly
- Change your registered number
- Place calls directly from your desktop with a click of a button
- Download call details into any application of your choice. Perfect for rebilling or producing expense reports
- Place calls conveniently from your desktop with a click of a button.

To subscribe and enjoy the savings today, simply complete and submit the online sign up form. Activation takes 24-48 hours upon credit card verification. Once activated you will receive a welcome message from our support group.




Get up to 3 toll free numbers free for 30 days. A saving of $6.

Get one month free voicemail service! A saving of $4.95! 

One toll free number rings to multiple numbers. A saving of $7.95!

Try 1-800 Office Virtual PBX Free for one month. A saving up to $14.99.

Toll-free unlimited voicemail for $34.95 flat monthly cost



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