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Toll Free 800 Service Plans for Business

Example 1 --  in a travel agency.

When customers call your toll-free number, it says:

'... Press 1 to listen to weekly special airfares, 2 to listen to our holiday vacation promotion, 3 to purchase your ticket, 4 to purchase a vacation package, 5 for customer service, or press 0 to reach an operator ..'

The caller selects a option by entering the appropriate number on their telephone. Options 1 and 2 are linked to message playbacks, option 3 is linked to your ticket sales department, option 4 to your vacation sales department, option 5 to customer service, and 0 to an operator. 

Your office locations can be anywhere in the world. For example, your ticket sales can be in California, your vacation sales in Florida, customer service in Vancouver, and your operator in Chicago. 


Example 2 -- in a corporate trophies manufacturing company.

When customers call your toll-free number, it says

'... Press 1 to listen to prices, 2 to order products, 3 to check shipping status, 4 for customer service, and 5 for the company operator ...'

The caller selects an option by pressing a key on their telephone. Option 1 is a recorded message for current promotions and prices, 2 is linked to sales, 3 for shipping status through an automatic system, 4 to post-sale customer service, and 5 to an operator. 

Your company can be in China and you donít have to pay for a U.S. office,

Your company can be in China and you do not have enough funds to set up a U.S. office. so when US callers choose sales or customer service, the call can be routed to your sales office in Shanghai. You pay only 9.5 cents/min to answer calls from China, with similar low rates to other countries. 

Listen to pre-recording 1, pre-recording 2, pre-recording 3. These three professional recordings can be used right away before you record your own. You may stay with one of them or change at any time.

 Free trial for 30 days! 

Just 4.5 cents/min within continental USA and 6.5 cents within Canada!

   Find out details of the program and learn cool features of  1-800 Office . . . 

Toll Free Service Plans

Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me   

Plan B: 1-800 Office
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Plan C: 1-800 TeleCenter

Plan D: CallMe0800


One toll free number rings to multiple numbers. A saving of $7.95!

Try 1-800 Office Virtual PBX Free for one month. A saving up to $14.99.






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