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NACI TrueFlat® Plan B
Toll Free Number for Office: VIRTUAL PBX SOLUTION
For home & Small Business Office Phone System (PLAN B)

Toll Free 800 Service Plans for Business

Turn your business into a Fortune 500 Company... for just US$4.5 cents/minute

toll free virtual pbxCreate the impression of a single office by assigning multiple extensions to different departments regardless of locations. A vivid and solid enterprise presence! With our sophisticated virtual PBX 1-800 Office™ system, impress your clients with a professional image at only a fraction of the cost. Our PBX Office program will turn your ordinary phone into an office phone system with multiple extensions and personalized voicemail. 1-800 Office PBX™ is ideal for home and small business to get close touch with customers by efficiently handling their service inquiries. Callers reaches your company's virtual switchboard, listen to your directory menu, and press appropriate extension numbers to reach different receptionists, or leave voicemail messages for free. You can record your own greetings in the main menu and on each extension, or you can use one of our three professional pre-recordings.

                               Example usage & pre-recordings Learn how it works.

Achieving a perfect relationship between your needs and our services has always been an obsession at NACI. That‘s why our team developed Virtual PBX. With multiple extensions, personalized voicemail capabilities and a nationwide toll free number, Virtual PBX has all the features of a Hardware PBX, but at an affordable cost. The smartest way to enhance your image. Now you’re ready for business. If your business is outside the United States or Canada, 1-800 Office PBX™ can forward all calls to your office in any country at extremely low rates.

You will never install any hardware or have to deal with complicated software with this very functional home office auto-switchboard system. Best of all, you don't need a technician to install and maintain it. Impress your caller. Sign up now, and enjoy the benefits today. We support vanity number, too. Please select one of the following three packages.

Toll-free numbers with "800" prefix are the most conventional toll free numbers. At the time when "800" numbers went out a few years ago, "888" numbers started to use. Today, as you have known, both USA and Canada almost run out of toll free numbers with "800" prefix, and toll free numbers with "888" prefix are also more difficult to acquire. Many toll free services providers are offering "877" and "866" numbers. We still have a limited quantity of 800 numbers and large pool of 888 numbers. When you sign up with our service, we'll try our best to obtain an 800 number for you, and at least, we guarantee we'll get you an 888 number.

Now, try this service free for 30 days and setup fee is waived!

You can easily upgrade from Standard package to Platinum once you become a customer. No extra charge but the difference of monthly fee.
vanity number and Choice Numbers are also available. 

See how this PBX program works for you... 
See easily understandable call charges and details online instantly. View sample of  billing and call details here.  We offer easy monitoring of your calling budget.
All prices are in US dollars. For Canadian customers, US$ 6.5 cents is about 8 cents in Canadian.

FREE 5 Extensions & 10 voicemails per ext 
Need to hold more voicemail messages, please learn the prices here.
FREE 10 Extensions & 10 voicemails per ext
Need to hold more voicemail messages, please learn the prices here.
FREE Toll Free Number   FREE Toll Free Number  
FREE Voicemail Service   FREE Voicemail Service
Rates per minute 4.5 cents (USA continental) and 6.5 cents (Canada) Rates per minute 4.5 cents (USA continental) and 6.5 cents ( Canada)
Billing interval 30 seconds minimum
with 6 sec. interval
Billing interval 30 seconds minimum
with 6 sec. interval
Low international rates to 250 countries Low international rates to 250 countries
No Connection Fee No Connection Fee
No Cancellation Fee  No Cancellation Fee 
Setup Fee -- WAIVED (used to be $24.99) Setup Fee -- WAIVED (used to be $24.99)
Monthly fee $9.99 -- (WAIVED for the first month!) Monthly fee $14.99 -- (WAIVED for the first month!)
FREE On-Line Account Manager   FREE On-Line Account Manager 
FREE Caller ID FREE Caller ID
FREE Call blocking  FREE Call blocking
Auto Attendant with professional greeting Auto Attendant with professional greeting
Dynamic Operator Extension Dynamic Operator Extension
No hardware/software required No hardware/software required
No busy signals/Unlimited capacity No busy signals/Unlimited capacity
Call return from mailbox, phone and internet Call return from mailbox, phone and internet
Click to view all features in detail Click to view all features in detail


Dare to compare!


Rates within continental US - Interstate.

6.5 cents/min

6.9 cents/min
8 cents/min
Rates US - Intrastate
6.5 cents/min
7.5 -15 cents/min
6.7 cents/min
Installation charge


Minimum call length
Billing increments
6 sec
1 sec
6 sec

Instant online setup


-- --

Instantly change ring-to number


-- --

Retrieve call details online in real time


-- --

International forwarding


-- --

Toll Free Service Plans

Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me   

Plan B: 1-800 Office
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   > Domestic Rates
   > International Call
      Forwarding Rates Table
   > Service Packages
   > Cool Features
   > Example of Use
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   > FAQs
   > Order Now

Plan C: 1-800 TeleCenter

Plan D: CallMe0800


One toll free number rings to multiple numbers. A saving of $7.95!

Try 1-800 Office Virtual PBX Free for one month. A saving up to $14.99.

Transfer Your Current Toll Free Number

Transferring your service is simple and quick. Simply complete the form authorizing us to transfer your number and we will take care of the rest. Go to our signup form and select the option of "Transferring existing number" and at the end, you'll have a link to download the authorization form. Fax your form with your signature and we'll start the procedure. It can takes 5-7 business days.  However, the transfer would be seamless to your clients. They won't notice any change. Plus to complement, you will enjoy the huge savings and be able to sign up for our advanced features, such as enhanced voice mail and your personalized on-line account manager. There is NO transfer fee to pay!







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