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Business Benefits to Own A Vanity Toll Free Number

There are numerous benefits and reasons for businesses to use toll free numbers, but the bottom line is that they just work.  800 numbers are proven to increase the response to any type of promotion and to simply increase sales and even the dollar value of each sale.  They have simply become a necessity and requirement for any serious business in today's highly competitive market.

Increased response rates
- The most important reason for businesses to use toll free numbers is consumers respond better to advertising with a toll free number.  Every industry and ad is different, but an ad with a toll free number will almost always out perform the exact same ad without a toll free number.  

(Note: If you're planning on using a toll free number in any significant advertising campaign, be sure to consider a "Vanity" 800 number.) We can help!  

Prestige and Credibility - The benefits of toll free numbers also go beyond the obvious economic return.  A toll free number ads credibility, a more positive customer orientation and implies a more national scope.

Branding - A good vanity 800 number also provides an instant brand name, recognition and prestige.  Good numbers are difficult and/or expensive to get, but can be worth their name in gold for building a powerful brand.

(Note: If you're planning on using a toll free number in any significant advertising campaign, be sure to consider a "Vanity" 800 number.) We can help! 

Like a good domain name, vanity numbers are extremely valuable because of their inherent ability to be easily remembered.  Companies spend millions of dollars in advertising to get customers to remember their name and how to reach them.  A good vanity toll free number does all of that and can easily be worth millions of dollars.

Now for vanity number, you can search from here by yourself and after you find your number, take it back to us and we'll get it for you!


A vanity number says three very important things for you.  It tells people Who you are, What you do, and How to reach you, all in one simple easy to remember powerful name!

A good '800' number also gives you an instant brand name, great credibility and prestige and can even increase your word of mouth and referral business.  It makes you look national and professional and gives you a great positive consumer oriented image. 

Vanity numbers are extremely valuable for all kinds of businesses and have the power to multiply your advertising and marketing efforts to the point of changing your entire company or even your market.  They typically increase the response rates to all your advertising by something in the neighborhood of 30% or more.

They create an instant positive brand name and can easily be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some rare cases into the millions of dollars.


The primary advantage of vanity numbers is that they help you increase the response rate of all your advertising, especially any type of broadcast or display advertising.  They typically increase response rates by 30% or more.  So the dollar value of a good number could easily be calculated as a percent of your advertising budget.

But on the other hand, if you don't do much advertising, your calls aren't revenue generating or you don't mind a slightly smaller image than a random toll free number is fine and you will probably want to stay with the cheapest toll free number available.

One other advantage of an 866 or 877 number for personal applications is that they get a lot fewer wrong numbers.  Because of the amount of traffic and advertising and people calling them nationwide, 800 numbers usually get significantly more wrong numbers than local numbers.  

Good domain names are obviously very difficult to get. And so are good 800 vanity numbers. So you might assume that it's practically impossible to get that golden combination of a matching domain name and vanity numbers. But if you start with the phone number first, that's not necessarily the case because if you get a really good '1-800' number means the matching domain name is usually available. (Note: If you're planning on using a toll free number in any significant advertising campaign, be sure to consider a "Vanity" 800 number.)
We can help! 


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