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US & Canada domestic toll free service rates
(1-800 Follow Me & 1-800 Office & TeleCenter) summary 

toll free service US Canada international

1-800 follow me personal      1-800 toll free virtual office pbx   unlimited toll free voicemail
 International Rates Please Click Here.  

Rate within Continental USA
4.5 cents /minute
Rate calling from USA to Canada  6.5 cents /minute
Rate calling from Canada to USA 6.5 cents /minute
Rate calling within Canada  6.5 cents /minute
US intra-state rate 4.5 cents /minute
Billing interval
30 seconds minimum. 6 sec. interval
Monthly fee (First month fee waived on current promotion)
$2.00 / Toll free number (first month free)
Minimum usage per month NO.

NACI offers one simple flat rate of 4.5 cents a minute at anytime from anywhere within the continental USA, no matter it is inter-state or intra-state, and it is only 6.5 cents within Canada . So you can receive calls from within your state or from other state for 6.5 cent a minute 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe strongly in very simple and accurate billing. You can see for your self how much each call lasted and how much each call cost within seconds of your call by logging into your private site. There is no complicated contract to sign. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, you can cancel anytime. Check this link to see sample of billing and call details

Pricing and Billing comparison

  NACI AT&T Sprint
Rates within continental US - Interstate. 4.5 cents/min 6.5 cents/min 8 cents/min
Rates US - Interstate 
4.5 cents/min
7.5 -15 cents/min
6.7 cents/min
Installation charge
Monthly charge
Minimum call length
Billing increments
6 seconds
1 seconds
6 seconds

 International Rates Please Click Here.

If you only need voice mail service and it has to be unlimited, please use our
Toll Free Unlimited Voicemail System -- TeleCenter (Plan C)

Unlimited inbound US & Canada toll free calls for message taking or information broadcasting through voicemail with 10 free extensions & 16 service features. Just $34.95 per month. No meter on call quantity. No meter on voicemail number. Visit TeleCenter (Plan C)


Toll Free Service Plans

Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me

Plan B: 1-800 Office

Plan C: 1-800 TeleCenter

Plan D: CallMe0800


Get up to 3 toll free numbers free for 30 days. A saving of $6.

Get one month free voicemail service! A saving of $4.95! 

One toll free number rings to multiple numbers. A saving of $7.95!

Try 1-800 Office Virtual PBX Free for one month. A saving up to $14.99.

Toll-free unlimited voicemail for $34.95 flat monthly cost





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