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How TeleCenter toll free unlimited voicemail plan helps OKClean boost its business

Unlimited toll free service US Canada

The business:

OKClean Sanitation Services Inc. in Dubuque, Iowa is a small company of 10 employees serving in the tri-state area of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. It was having difficulties providing a single point of contact for its customers in three states. As they couldnít provide multiple service hotlines in three states with three area codes for customers to call long distance, they lost many sales opportunities. Further, they can only afford hiring one full-time operator to set up appointments and answer service questions for customers.

The requirement:

They wanted a phone system where customers in three states could reach OKClean by calling one number. To encourage customers to keep calling back for promotions, they wanted that number to be toll-free. Every month, they have different special promotions they want broadcasted to customers. Since all janitors are dispatched to work in different locations, they couldnít answer customer calls when they were out of town. Operator Michele would have to check voicemail messages for each janitor and take customer phone numbers to call back for appointments or support issues. Also, they didnít want to install additional lines, buy new telephone equipment, or change any of their phones. 

Solution and result from TeleCenter:

A toll free line, 1-888-OK-Clean, was setup so customers can now call from anywhere in the United States to find out about OKClean's services.  Customers dial toll free to check prices, leave messages for janitors and make appointments with Michele when she calls them back. When calls are answered the caller is greeted by a short welcome message, prompting the caller to press 1 for new promotions, 2 for Order Department, 3 for Site Manager and 4 for appointments. Callers are unaware that staff work at different locations, leaving them with a vision of a telephone system normally associated with much larger organizations. 

Sales have increased almost 300% during the first six months of TeleCenter service. Customers satisfaction rate has also soared to 95%. 

Dubuque, Iowa, USA

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