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Instantly Activate Your TeleCenter Toll Free Number Now! 
Lowest unlimited toll free voicemail service with state-of-art features

How Much Does it Cost?

TeleCenter is just US$34.95 per month with a US$15.00 One-Time Activation Fee. Thatís it! Thereís no fine print, no surprises, and no hidden costs. For this low monthly fee, youíll have UNLIMITED INBOUND calls (up to 5,000 minutes to prevent abusive use) and youíll never have to worry about per minute charges or extra fees again!  There is no limit on the numbers of voicemail messages received and you can save your messages with folders. Plus, you'll enjoy 10 free extensions that work just like 10 departments in a company! 


You will go through a brief setup process to get your own personal TeleCenter number. Use it FREE for 7 days! If you like it, simply keep the number! There are no contracts ever and no obligations or fees during this 7 day trial! If you choose to keep the number you will be charged a low monthly rate; there is no contract or term. Use it for as long as you need it and cancel when you no longer do.

*Please make certain that the unlimited inbound calls are straightly message-taking to voicemail box or information-broadcasting from your pre-recorded greeting. It is not designed for unlimited conversations. Conversation is billed as outbound long distance calls, at 7.9 cents/min. Outbound access fees for Connect Live and Calling Card calls are billed at just 7.9 cents per minute. However, our caller ID system will help you determine which calls are important, so you could decide to take some calls at 7.9 cents rate. There is also an upper limit of maximum 5,000 minutes of calls per month to prevent abusive use. If you expect more than 5,000 minutes, please subscribe to a second number. We'll reward you $15 (like referring yourself) to apply your second toll free number.

If you are interested in a vanity number, you can nominate 5 numbers and we'll conduct search in our database to find the matches. There is a $25 search fee involved. If you are transferring an existing number to us, we'll send you a transfer form for you to submit to your current carrier. A $25 fee will apply to this transfer as we'll have to search our inventory for number match. Please notice that the transfer may take 5 business days and there might be a service interruption during the process.

For larger organizations, we can develop a custom tailored TeleCenter system for your organization. Please send us an email and we'll provide you detailed information. 

Call TeleCenter Demo Systems and Hear for Yourself
1-800-704-1309;1-800-704-1314;1-800-704-3512; 1-800-704-8543;1-800-704-8546

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Toll Free Service Plans

Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me   

Plan B: 1-800 Office

Plan C: 1-800 TeleCenter
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Plan D: CallMe0800

(PDF file, 1.6M)
(Complete user instructions will be
sent upon account activation)

Free 7-day Trial to
Make Sure It Works for You!


Plan B: 1-800-Office

Try 1-800 Office Virtual PBX Free for one month. A saving up to $14.99. You can talk to customers from different extensions.






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