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Toll Free Call Hunting Feature

toll free service US Canada international

NACI is proud to launch an exciting, brand new feature that will surely have our clients talking, and benefiting. Our Call Hunting (or Find Me Feature) is a process where you can set up multiple ring-to numbers for your toll free number. Now, instead of reaching you only at one number, your callers can successfully reach a live person every time they call. This service can be implemented solely on your toll free service, but can also be integrated with our Virtual PBX. Sign up today, and receive this service free for one month.

How Call-hunting Works:
Set up the Call Hunting service on your toll free number, or couple it with our Virtual PBX. You’ll input different phone numbers in the order you’d like them to ring, and also decide how many rings for each number before ringing the next number.

toll free call hunting feature

Call-hunting Key Features:
Set up a maximum of 5 distinct and completely different ring-to numbers
Set up the number of rings the system to try before calling the next number
Compatible with any working telephone numbers
Compatible with our Virtual PBX

Call-hunting Key Benefits
Make changes on-line in real time
You have full control over the process at all times
Free for one month
Route the caller to a receptionist or a call center, without them even knowing
Never miss another call again!

There are three situations regarding this:

1  If the second call receives a busy signal it will then be transferred to the next number in sequence. 

2  If the destination number has call waiting it would then ring for the number of rings indicated and then again, go to the next number in sequence.

3  However, if the destination number has their own personal voicemail pick up- then effectively the call would terminate there as the system would see the call as 'answered'.

Price: A low $7.99 per month.  Sign up today and receive one month free


Vanity Number, Choice Number

Get the US or Canadian toll free number form of golden combination of letters to impress your customers and friends, such as 1-800-RENT-CAR or 1-888-LA-HOTEL. We support  these vanity numbers or choice number you desire. 
Do a search now by yourself!

For Plan A and B only.

The toll-free number belongs to you!

The moment you sign up for a toll free number through NACI, and it begins to work properly, the number belongs to you (for Plan A, B and D only).  At any point (when your account is active), you may have the option to cancel your account, or port your number to a different provider.  The only instance in which this would not apply is the following:

1) The account is never activated;
2) The number never connects;
3) Your account is under a "Collection" status due to unpaid charges;
4) You cancel your account BEFORE porting your number to a different provider.




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