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International Toll Free Number FAQs

Toll Free Numbers are clearly established in the business world and have in the past few years with lower cost found their way into the home. Did you know that a company or individual can get a toll free number in Non-US countries?  

Most people do not, but many are learning fast the benefits of global toll free services. People on the move like toll free numbers. You can send the incoming calls to a home, office, or even cell phone as needed. Many providers allow you to easily change online the number to which your toll free number rings. 

There is a burgeoning market for international business owners that want toll free numbers in other countries to communicate with their customers and clients AND establish a professional presence in globally. An international toll free number can also be directed to any phone or cell phone number worldwide.  International toll free numbers are NOT so cheap, so they are mainly used for business. For example, NACI can provide you with a toll free number in Germany that rings anywhere you want on the planet.  BUT the setup charge is $20 and there is a $10 monthly fee. The per minute rates are dependent upon the countries involved and it pays to be sure your global toll free is cost effective relative to sales or customer service.  For a bona fide global business, it can be extremely cost effective to encourage sales and service.  

After all, a toll free number or 800 number boosts your perceived level of professionalism and represents you to be a credible prospect to potential markets.  Things as small as assuming if the company wants to pay for the call, they must want to talk to their customers. People like that. When prospects see a toll free number, there is comfort that because they feel a safer connection with you. It has been said that putting your 800 number in your advertisements, you should increase your ad response by as much as 600%.  And now your ads can appear worldwide via the web!   

International Toll Free Numbers are investments, not expenses.  
You'll Gain a Competitive Edge 


1. Are there any minimum usage requirements?
There are no minimum usage requirements for this service.

2. What are the worldwide rates for this service?
Please check our rates here, select the country you will be calling from and submit the "View Rates" button.

3. How long does it take to open my new account?
It will take up to 2 business days to open your account from the time you send us your request for service. Other countries may take up to 6 weeks depending on the country. Please contact us for more details.

4. Can I use this service from any phone? Are the rates the same? The CallMe800 service can be used from any fixed phone, some mobile phones (please contact us for availability) and some pay phones (please contact us for availability). The rates can vary when calling a mobile phone or a fixed phone, so please check our rates here.

5. Can this service handle multiple calls and is there additional charges for this feature?
Yes, it can handle up to 30 roll over lines (can be expanded upon special request) and there is $1 monthly charge for each additional roll over line.



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