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Toll Free Vanity Number Lookup for NACI TrueFlat®
-800-Follow Me (Service Plan A) and 1-800 Office PBX (Service Plan B)

Here is a link to AT&T's vanity number search bar. We may have the similar database with ATT. The vanity number you find from AT&T's site will probably be available in our inventory. Before our own search tool is in place soon, ATT's search tool is the temporary tool you can try your numbers before hand. 

toll free virtual pbxPlease notice that this search is only for Plan A (1-800 Follow Me) and Plan B (1-800 Office).
Use the comparison chart to see why NACI truly means savings. 

Now, customers with NACI are enjoying 4.5 cents per minute toll free calling rate within continental USA and 6.5 cents within Canada. And, there is NO minimum to spend!

Start your vanity number search from AT&T website here, while our database is being built. The number you find from AT&T's website will be also available to us! If you can't find any good number, don't worry. For the worst case, we guarantee you'll get a 888-prefix number if your desired vanity number can't be found, and there is no extra charge.  Click to start your search now.

How to order

After you find an available number from your search, write down that number and submit to us during your signup process. We'll take care of the acquisition. To signup, please start from here: toll free service application form.  

You Own the Toll Free Number that You Register. The moment you sign up for a toll free number through NACI, and it begins to work properly, the number belongs to you.  At any point (when your account is active), you may have the option to cancel your account, or port your number to a different provider.  The only instance in which this would not apply is the following:

1) The account is never activated;
2) The number never connects;
3) Your account is under a "Collection" status due to unpaid charges;
4) You cancel your account BEFORE porting your number to a different provider.

Dare to compare!  NACI TrueFlat® AT&T
Rates within continental US - Interstate.

4.5 cents/min

6.9 cents/min
Rates US - Intrastate

4.5 cents/min

7.5 -15 cents/min
Rates within Canada

6.5 cents/min

10 cents/min
Rates between US and Canada

6.5 cents/min

10 cents/min
Installation charge $0 $30
Monthly charge $2 $12
Minimum call length 30 60
Billing increments 6 seconds 1 sec
Instant online setup


Instantly change ring-to number


Retrieve call details online in real time


International forwarding


Taxes and Fees No any tax or fees for US residents. Only GST for Canadian customers. Federal tax, state tax,  universal connectivity charge, in-state connection fee, regulatory assessment fee.

Toll Free Service Plans

Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me

Plan B: 1-800 Office

Plan C: 1-800 TeleCenter

Plan D: CallMe0800


Get up to 3 toll free numbers free for 30 days. A saving of $6.

Get one month free voicemail service! A saving of $4.95! 

One toll free number rings to multiple numbers. A saving of $7.95!

Try 1-800 Office Virtual PBX Free for one month. A saving up to $14.99.

Toll-free unlimited voicemail for $34.95 flat monthly cost







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